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race discrimination

Race Discrimination in Missouri

The Missouri Human Rights Acts prohibits employment discrimination based on race, filing a complaint of racial discrimination, testifying or assisting in an investigation, or otherwise engaging in a protected activity under the Act. The Act applies to employers with six or more employees, including private and public employers, 'temp agencies', and labor organizations.

Race Discrimination Is The Most Prevalent Type Of Employment Discrimination Claim

A majority of the employment discrimination cases in Missouri are based on race, involve a failure to hire or promote based on race, or include the use or acceptance of racially insensitive language. Most discrimination cases that we handle involve some element of race-based discrimination, although each case is unique and may involve a number of different discrimination-based charges.

Proving Employment Discrimination Based On Race

In order to establish the basic case for a claim of race discrimination the employee must show:

  1. He or she is a member of a protected class, here a member of a particular race or national origin;
  2. The employer took an adverse action against the employee; and
  3. There is evidence from which one could infer that the employee's race or national origin was a contributing factor in the employer's adverse action.

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